3 squiggly worms mushroom


Angelica Blevins

These gifs were inspired by kaoani, a pervasive, incredibly cute pixelated blob emoji that were popular in the geocities & myspace-eras of the internet. Kaoani had tons of different styles, with folks making custom versions for their own sites and forums. Variations would get lifted out and used in other places by admirers – and because of our creative commons license, you can do that with these gifs too!

Sticker sheet

A sticker sheet with flowers, worms, mushrooms, and laptops. Each individual sticker is listed below.

↳ Download all the stickers!

Individual stickers

Blue dancing flowers
A four-leaf clover typing on laptop
'COMPOST', with small worms and flowers emerging
A patch of dandelions
A flower cheerfully typing
A praying mantis swaying before a laptop
A four-leaf clover and flower looking at a map
A mushroom chilling in front of laptop
A group of mushrooms connected in a network
A vintage Macintosh computer with leaves growing from it
A flower checking out a cell phone
A tiny wriggly worm
A tiny curled wriggly worm
A tiny curled wriggly worm
A worm happily typing with its head on a laptop
A happy wriggly worm
A happy wriggly worm


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A praying mantis dances in front of a laptop.

Angelica is an artist who likes drawing cute things and making ugly websites for hidden parts of the internet. You can find her stuff scattered around Secure Scuttlebutt, Beaker Browser, and other places on the decentralized web.